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Ikaw Naman Ang Iiyak

Content Category: Drama
Original Release: 1996
Runtime: 118 Mins
Director: Joel Lamangan
Actors: Gary Estrada, Dawn Zulueta, Matthew Mendoza, Charlene Gonzales, Sheryl Cruz, Shintaro Valdez
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating:

Elaine killed her stepfather while trying to defend her boyfriend Santi. She meekly accepted her sentence and went to jail hoping that Santi would be waiting for her when her sentence was over. It was only a short period of time later when she found out that Santi had already married his classmate Penny. By some coincidence Elaine met Penny's millionaire father Leandro who fell in love with her and helped her regain her freedom. Though she admired and was the perfect wife to Leandro Elaine had a goal she kept to herself. This was to exact revenge from Santi who having problems with his marriage was now trying to win her over. To make things worse Leandro's only son Raul had fallen in love with Elaine.

Rating: 8 / 10 (2 ratings placed)