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Content Category: Comedy
Original Release: 2001
Runtime: 100 Mins
Director: Joyce Bernal
Actors: Rufa Quinto, Ai Alas, Gary Estrada, Gina Pareño
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating:

Rufa Mae stars in this comedy as Booba as she endeavors in the metropolis to fulfill her promise to her dying mother that she will find jealous and insecure sister who run away from home. When she gets to the city she experiences the harsh realities of life. Booba had to work to support herself not as some dancer or TV host but as a nanny. And one day she meets her knight in shining armor in Poli a policeman who accidentally saves her life. Her search leads her to a syndicate involved in various illegal activities whose leader turns out to be her long lost sister!

Rating: 8 / 10 (3 ratings placed)