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Content Category: Drama
Original Release: 1983
Runtime: 118 Mins
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating:

Joy (Carmi Martin) has only one ambition in life--to get rich and give her family a more comfortable life. She enslaves herself to William (Mark Gil) in her hope that he will help her achieve her goal. At his behest, she joins beauty contests, dances in clubs, even plays around with other men to the point of getting beaten and raped. But Joy puts her foot down when she notices her younger sister Flor (Angela Perez) is William's next target. This time, she claims she is willing to kill to defend her sister's honor and innocence. Joy's claim is about to be tested as she just learned that William has invited Flor to his apartment. Will Joy be able to save her sister or will Flor be the payment of Joy's ambition?

Rating: 6 / 10 (1 ratings placed)