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First Time

Content Category: Rated R
Original Release: 2003
Runtime: 110 Mins
Director: Lyle Sacris
Actors: Gwen Garci, Jen Rosendahl, Myles Hernandez., Kristine Jaca, Hazel Cabrera
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating:

Watch as three young temptresses seduce their way to your home and tell you their hot first time experiences. Jane (Myles Hernandez) is a working student whose sexual fantasy is fulfilled when the man of her dreams gives her the most passionate night of her life. She is in bliss until her friends uncover a secret she has kept within her. Withdrawn and confused Cris's (Gwen Garci) sexual fantasies fascinate and repel her. She never gives in to these illusions until she meets an eccentric artist who shows her the thrill of doing soething as extraordinary as her fantasies. Skilled flirt Dianne (Jen Rosendahl) plays the field to hide her fear of commitment. But flirty as she is she vows not to go all the way insisting her first time has to be special.

Rating: 2.7 / 5 (3 ratings placed)